DataWise Forecast

    The pro-active way to manage your business.


Plan using a 5 Year Financial Forecast window with Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Cash Flow, Funds statement

Evaluate using variance reports comparing budgets to actual and forecast data.

Action by adjusting your forecast to your changing business plan to keep focused on achieving your targets



DataWise Forecast - Provides businesses with an incredibly powerful pro-active management tool.  Forecasting is fully automated and produces a Balance Sheet, Income statement, Cash Flow and Statement of Funds.  Designed to import Actual data and combine it with Forecast data giving projected year end results.

Key Benefits & Features


A 30 day trial may be downloaded, along with a "quickstart" guide.  The concepts of Budgeting, Forecasting and setting up options may require some input from a suitably trained person to ensure efficient use of the software.     


Please contact an approved consultant to demonstrate, install and train on this product.     


Description SKU # Features Price
DataWise Forecast


DataWise Forecast Program  $ 1499-00
DataWise Forecast annual renewal


Annual license for help and upgrades  $ 149-00
Monthly Membership FCT-CLUB Monthly membership fee for attending hands on day classes. $ 120-00

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