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DataWise works with many of the MYOB products, including MYOB Accounting and AccountRight Family, MYOB Payroll, Exo Payroll, and Retail Manager.



MYOB AR Cloud Reporting

DataWise Proactive P4 - New version of DataWise Report Writer for MYOB Account Right Cloud files.  

This is a desktop application, so you can update the data from the cloud or any library and take it on the road with your laptop.

All reports are fully customisable using the full featured report and query editor.

Create your own reports and queries using the full featured report and query editor.

More reports being added weekly, so please check back here regularily, or contact us at with your requests.

Download the free 14 day trial and try it on your data files

Trial Installation Instructions

ProActive.exe Download application update ( Save over file in the C:\DataWise ProActive folder which is the install default )

Current list of Standard Reports

Profit & Loss Reports 

021 - Profit & Loss Report (Short)     - ACT/BGT/LYR camparisons   std021.pdf

022 - Profit & Loss Report (Detailed) - ACT/BGT/LYR camparisons  (MYOB Headings & Levels)   std022.pdf

023 - Profit & Loss Report                 - 12 Months in columns  std023.pdf

Division Profit & Loss Reports ( uses Account Description )

Division Reporting Instructions   View Pdf

041 - Division Report (L1) - Selected divisions Consolidated at level 1     std041.pdf

042 - Division Report (L2) - Selected divisions Consolidated at level 2     std042.pdf

043 - Division Report (L3)- Selected divisions Consolidated at level 3     std043.pdf

044 - Division Report (L4)- Selected divisions Consolidated at level 4 with MYOB headings    std044.pdf

045 - Division Report (L4A)- Selected divisions printed on seperate pages  std045.pdf

046 - Division Report (L4B) - Selected divisions, Protrait with Act, Cur Lyr std046.pdf

Sales Margin Reports

101 - Customer Margin (Date Range)   std101.pdf

102 - Customer by product Margin ( Dates)   std102.pdf

103 - Customer By Product by invoice (Date)   std103.pdf

104 - Monthly Margin (Date Range)

Customer Reports

105 - Cloud Customer List

106 - Cloud sales

Marketing Campaigns

150 - Email Marketing Campaign - Send email marketing campaigns with unsubscribe control via 

151 - Email Marketing Campaign with "Event" created in DataWise to record the emails sent for followup.Marketing Campaigns

Product \ Item \ Inventory Reports

203 - Item sales List ( ARC 050 )

204 - Item Prioce Review ( ARC 060 )

205 - Item Sales by Period -


You can download all the new and updated reports from within the DataWise ProActive Report Writer application. Click button on the "Options" tab.